How did we start?

As turtle enthusiasts we found it hard to find a place were we can depend on for our turtle needs. Whether we needed gadgets, tools or food, it seemed always to be a bit of a hassle to find everything we needed. 

This grew into the idea of opening a web shop where everyone could find everything they need in one place!


Who are we?

We are a couple (John & Julie) from Belgium passionate about turtles.
Ever since we met in 2013 we've been bounded by our turtles and taking care of them.

pet turtle couple

John works as a software developer and in his free time he likes to watch a movie or go out for a late even walk. Julie is a psychologist who likes traveling and taking care of her dog and our turtles.



Our goal is to make Turtle Needs the place to be for everyone that owns or wants to own a pet. We want to not only provide all the necessities but also slowly create an information database through our blog covering all aspects of taking care of turtles. 

Eventually we would like to start a non profit to save and protect endangered turtles. Then we could not only help out turtle owners through our web shop but also do something for all the turtles out there living in nature.


Why Turtles?

Turtles are the perfect pet for everyone that wants some life in their home but doesn't have the time to care for more demanding animals such as dogs.
Or of course for people that love pets and have many of them and want a fun addition to their family!

Turtles are great pets for every age group. They don't require much care, they are not noisy and they still bring some life to your home as they can be quite active in their own way. Especially younger turtles can be very playful and swim and splash around in the water.

Next to that turtles are also intelligent creatures. After a little while they start to recognize the people that are usually around. Usually withing a few weeks you can clearly see the difference in the pet turtle's behavior when he notices a person he knows or doesn't know. It's always heart warming to see your turtle come take a peek at the glass when you come in!

Also kids will love them! They are much more active than fish and have a cute factor fish don't have. Kids can take care of them without messing up as they just need some food every day and get their vivarium cleaned once in a while.

Still not convinced? Take a look at our blog and see what turtles are all about!